Event History


January 17-19 Palm Beach Sculpture Show (Thomas Riley Gallery)
February 23-25 ACC Baltimore
March 14-16 ACC Atlanta
June 13-15 AAW Symposium Gallery show (Thomas Riley Gallery)
August Craft Alliance 50th Anniversary Gallery Show St Louis
August Delaplaine Art Center Gallery Show
November (TBA) Washington Craft Show
November SOFA Chicago (Thomas Riley Gallery)


February 22-24 ACC Baltimore
March 15-17 ACC Atlanta
June 20-23 AAW International Symposium (Demonstrator and exhibitor)
November 1-3 SOFA Chicago (Thomas Riley Gallery)
November 1-3 SOFA Chicago (AAW Special Exhibit)
November 1-3 Washington Craft Show


August 24-26 ACE Evenston IL
November 16-18 Washington Craft Show


November 30 – December 1-2 Washington Craft Show
Novenber 9-11 (PMA)Philadelphia Museum Art and Craft Show

Exhibits, Articles and Awards

’10 AAW National Symposium Critique
’10 Echo Lakes Collaborative Event
’10 Awarded Echo Lakes Decade exhibit
‘10 Article in Creative Woodturning (Artist Profile)
‘09 Awarded POP Grant for multi axis mask work
‘09 Woodturning Magazine “Featured Artist”
‘08-‘09 AAW exhibit “Turned for Use II” (eye glasses)
‘08-‘09 Riverview Gallery – Havre de Grace, MD
‘08 Article in Woodturning Design issue #17 “Pouring Vessel”
‘07 Artworks Gallery – “The Art of Fine Woodturning” Chestertown, MD


’13 AAW Symposium “Sphering Around”
’10 AAW Symposium “Multi Axis Turning for Figurative Works”
’10 Echo Lakes
’10 DelVal Wood Turning “Multi Axis Turning for Figurative Works”
’09 First State Turners “Multi Axis Turning for Figurative Works”
‘09 Baltimore Area Turners “Multi Axis Turning forFigurative Works”
’09 Baltimore Area Turners “Finish Cuts and Techniques”
’09 Chesapeake Area Turners “Pouring Vessel and Multi Axis Turning”
‘09 New Hampshire Symposium “Pouring Vessel”
‘08 Montgomery County Woodturners “Pouring Vessel”
‘08 Long Island Turners “Pouring Vessel and A Sphere within a Sphere”
‘07 Baltimore Area Turners “Sphere within a Sphere”