Artist Statement

I have enjoyed beautiful movement all my life. As a gymnast and as a gymnastics coach for over twenty years, I explored creating movement with the body. In addition, I was blessed to work with hundreds of children and experience their joyful spirit. Now, as an artist, I love to create flowing movements and joyful expressions through my forms. The challenge of my art is to find the fewest lines in a piece to convey a feeling, while utilizing the grain, color, and texture of the wood to work cohesively towards this goal. This is true whether I am carving or turning multi-axis forms on the lathe.

Some pieces are painted to create a contrast between the internal and external surface. This concept creates an edge that is the path for the viewer to travel around and through the piece. Though my life in the gymnastics world has molded my view of form, it is my goal to have each piece have a life of its own.